Request Quotes on Cleaning Services & Gardening in Brent HA9 with Featherby & Moore

The contact form below is an easy way for you to request a quote for a Featherby & Moore cleaning service. Use it also to tell us about your specific needs in Brent. For something like our gardening services we’ll confirm a convenient time for one of our professional staff to come to your home, to prepare your personalised quote. This gives you time to tell us exactly what you need but places you under no obligation.

Contact us through our chat service any time you’re on the site and need an instant response. If you prefer to talk than type, call us. Our phone line 02037466506 is open 24/7,- so you’ll always get straight through to one of our knowledgeable office staff. They’ll answer your questions, arrange a quotation or set up your booking. Don’t forget that if you book more than one service at once you’ll qualify for a discount on our usual prices.